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2012 Gift Ideas for Web Designers

December 9th, 2012 · No Comments

I came up with a list that we, web designers crave for. We are the geek types! We love all things techy, cool tools, we love colours, we love everyday things made beautiful.

1. Macbook Air – $ 999

Why not a Macbook pro, you ask? I foresee that your designer friend already have a power Macbook Pro. Macbook Air is for portability like during a meeting with a client, photoshoots, or even when i’m travelling. I sure want to bring a laptop that’s light and sleek!

2. Wacom intuos 5 – $349

Wacom Intuos is a pen tablet used by creative professionals for digital painting, photo editing, and other digital artworks.

3. iPad – $399

Many within the design industry are using iPads for a whole lot of things. I mainly use my iPad for research, keeping up with design news, the latest design trends, finding inspiration, organizing tasks, presenting a design to client….etc etc..The list is endless. Doing all these in iPad is much easier than doing it in a laptop.

4. 1 Tb WDC My Passport External Hard Drive – $95

Designers need a lot of storage. We can never get enough!

5. SanDisk Cruzer Slice 64GB USB Drive – $39

Speaking of storage, we also love carrying a small and lighter file storage device. A 64Gb thumbdrive would be cool.

6. Pantone Color Bridge – $149

This Pantone color is for process printing or web design. It can be used to select PANTONE colors to determine how it will appear when reproduced in CMYK or to create optimal display of colors on monitors and web pages.

7. Design Magazine Subscription – $124.99

Although vast information about web and print designs can be found online, it’s difficult to find the best quality. One of the best gift you can give a designer in different creative fields is to help them grow through learning. Why not give them a year subscription of high-quality print publication like .NET magazine and Digital Arts.

8. Smashing Magazine Book – $39.90

Most designers have a book collection of their fields. The Smashing Magazine Book will be a nice addition to any designers’ book collection.

9. Moleskine Smart Notebook – $24.95

Moleskine is a high quality notebook use for sketching, conceptualizing or gathering ideas. This is popular among designers and it’s definitely in the wishlist of creative individuals of all types. Moleskine Smart notebook collides old and new world. It has scan friendly pages that uploads your notes online.

10. Jas Pro Aluminum Stand for Macbook Pro – $69.95

Designers are stylish individuals, even with their desk. JAS PRO is a Macbook and iPad stand. What’s great about this is that it really complements the aesthetics of Macbook Pro and iPad.

11. Bose Companion® 20 Multimedia Speakers – $224.95

Bose Companion 20 is a powerful and elegant 2 speaker system that produces great sound and complements well with a designer’s workspace.

12. Crumpler Skivvy Laptop Messenger Bag – $120

A lightweight padded protection bag for a 15″ laptop. It has seven storage zones for everyday digital and off line essentials.

13. Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo – $30

A classy writing instrument. It’s a stylus for iPad and a traditional ink pen tip on the opposite end.

14. iPad Cases – $49.95

There’s a lot of stylish iPad cases out there. There’s one that will be useful. It’s an iPad case with a notebook. I know that the idea of an iPad is to get rid of the paper but sometimes, writing down on a paper is more convenient. Whenever I go to a meeting, i bring my iPad for presentation, but i still carry a slim note for jotting down notes and sketches with the client.

15. Logitech Comfort Lapdesk N500 – $49.98

Heat shielding stylish design that protects your laps from laptop heat.

If you’re on tight budget, there’s a lot of small creative stuff for designers – desk plants, colorful stationaries, notebooks for doodling, new colored pens, mugs, iPhone cases, cable management like CableDrops, organizing systems etc. These are all cool for creatives!

What not to buy:

Mouse – Mouse is one of the most important tool of a designer. A designer requires speed and precision to produce the design productively and comfortably. The speed and precision of the most expensive and latest mouse technology might seem the best, but if it doesn’t fit the hands of the user comfortably, it’s useless. I highly suggest not to buy this unless you know specifically what mouse the designer is eyeing for.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! :)

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